Yiddish-speaking Early Childhood Program Evaluator Consultant

New York, United States | Performance Team | Part-time


The New York City Division of Early Childhood Education is seeking a Yiddish- speaking Early Childhood (Pre-K) Program Evaluator Consultant for a 6-10-month project. Our Yiddish- speaking Program Evaluator Consultant will reliably use either the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale – Revised (ECERS-R) or Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) tool to collect data about pre-k programs across the city. Positions will commence in mid-September 2019 and end in June 2020.

NYC is home to a diversity of languages, and Pre-K programs reflect this diversity. We therefore encourage all applicants with multilingual or bilingual backgrounds to apply.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Meet and maintain reliability on the ECERS-R or CLASS assessment tool.
  • Schedule and conduct valid and reliable ECERS-R or CLASS assessments for pre-K classrooms in programs across the city.
  • Participate in team communications via in-person meetings and conference calls.
  • Support other evaluators by reading and editing reports.
  • Offer simultaneous face to face interpreting services for assessments. This can include, but is not limited to, the following: 
    • Interpreting student/child and teacher interactions 
    • Translating written materials in the classrooms 
    • Rendering the meaning of conversations between Yiddish and English speakers 
  • Attend full time training from approximately mid-September through mid-October.Exact dates and hours are to be determined. Candidates who are not able to attend the scheduled training days sessions full time will not be hired.
  • Other duties assigned as necessary. 



  • Fluency in English and Yiddish
  • ECERS-R or CLASS certified (preferred)
  • Ability to work independently and self-pace in order to meet deadlines
  • Conduct observations across New York City
  • Keen observation skills
  • Strong writing skills and ability to take low-inference notes
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to travel throughout the city daily
  • Strong ability to effectively communicate through writing, email, text message and screen shares
  • Technology proficient, particularly with Word, Excel, Outlook, and Google Drive
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Strong commitment to professional ethics
  • Strong ability to follow strict protocols and rubrics
  • Willingness to be maintain a flexible schedule
  • Knowledge of best practices in early childhood education
  • Commitment to remaining unbiased while evaluating


Hours Worked Per Day:

This is a part-time position. Consultants will be paid per assessment. This will likely mean working between 21 and 28 hours per week, depending on the tool (CLASS or ECERS-R) and number of assessments assigned. As needed, evaluators will work up to 7 hours per day, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., not including travel. Exact times will be determined by individual program start times. More details about rates per assessment will be discussed in the interview process. Please note that consultants may be expected to work full-time, 7 hours per day, for approximately four weeks in September/October for reliability training. In addition, evaluators will attend regular meetings with other evaluators. Consultants are paid an hourly rate of $45.

Length of Assignment:

Mid-September 2019 to Mid-June 2020, pending assessment schedule. Specific hours and schedules are not guaranteed. Exact schedule to be determined and will remain subject to change.